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About Me

Excuse me while I define myself.

Business minded, goal oriented and determined. (Capricorn Sun)

Organized, helpful and resourceful.
(Virgo Moon)

A dreamer, a storyteller, and an empath.
(Pisces Rising)

I was born in Portland and grew up in Hillsboro.

FUN FACT: I have two brothers named Kyle. You can ask me about that later.

I’m curious about pretty much everything. I’m always asking random questions and ending up in deep or unexpected conversations. I enjoy trivia and I looove documentaries. A whole docuseries? Cash me on the couch.

I look for positivity and humor in life and I love making people laugh (or at least blow a quick puff of air out of their nostrils like people do when they’re amused). I’m a big fan of word play, references, and inside jokes, which, IMHO, help develop special bonds between people and between brands and customers.

I’m an adaptable, hard-working, and autodidactic professional, and I have an instinctual drive to be the MVP of any team that I’m a part of. I’m learning how to integrate my career and personal life in a way that allows for peace and sustainability.

I love a lot of things. Animals, architecture, color, design, fashion, memes, pop culture, and television. I also like to practice sewing, hand lettering, and other crafts.

Nature is my church.

Get in touch.

(503) 805-0938

1818 NE 17th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97212

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